TNXTOutlook 2021 – The future of society and individuals

2021: a year that will be in the theme of Radical transformation. Whether we think about the future of the environment and nature, society and individuals, or businesses and institutions, each one is pushed drastically think about how they should transform to remain successful or to but it more bluntly, to survive.

This second article in a series of three highlights the main trends and developments affecting the future of society and individuals.

Real deep fake; the age of information has quickly become age of disinformation
Every single day we consult photos, videos, sounds, human voices, written texts and reviews to live our digital lives, but… What if they all can be faked? This so-called ‘infocalypse’, based on deep fake technology, is on its way at fast speed and puts us in front of a new era of information consumption. Is it real, is it fake, or is it real fake?

The increasing continuous friction between trust and distrust
Building trust among citizens has always been of crucial importance for both businesses and governmental institutions. For the former, trust is a key to long-term profitable business while for the latter, trust is important for societal stability.

Anything as a service; a shift from online to offline back to online
The experience economy has already been introduced two decennia ago. In this view, organizations fulfil a different role in society and serve customers differently. Namely, they do not merely provide customers with product and services, but they focus on providing customers with personal and memorable experiences. An economy based on quality rather than quantity. This has led to a shift from online to offline.

 The future of society and individuals is one of the three categories of trends and developments that will change the global market place in 2021. Read here the complete trend report.

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