TNXTOutlook 2020 – Trends and developments in the public environment

“Just Imagine what your life wil look like in 3-5 years …
Being a CEO, it is important for Paul to always to look representative. For him that means wearing tailored suits and it is time for him to buy a new suit. He thinks his French colleagues are always well-dressed, so he decides that he wants to find a tailor in Paris and asks his digital assistant: “Where can I find the best Parisian tailor for my new business suit?” His digital assistant replies: “Based on your current wardrobe and preferences, I recommend you go to tailor Jean Gaston, at Avenue Georges V in Paris, France. You can personalise and customise your suit online and only have to visit the store for fitting and finetuning.”

That sounds amazing. Paul directly goes to the tailor’s website and starts putting together his ideal suit. When Paul realises how much personal information the tailor will know about him to create a personalized mannequin, he hesitates and asks his digital assistant: “Can you please check the reliability of this company? What happens with my personal information?” His digital assistant replies: “I can confirm that this company complies with all the privacy regulations and that it will not share this information with third parties” Paul feels reassured and continues putting together his suit.

By using the camera on his television and based on deep fake technology, an almost identical digital twin can be created to fit and tailor the suit as in his living-room instead of in the shop. The last step is choosing the fabric for his suit. The tailor will send him three samples of his choice, so he can feel the fabric and see the colour in real life before making a decision. The samples arrive the next day and Paul completes his order.

His digital voice assistant picks up on this and asks: “The suit will be ready for fitting in two weeks on Saturday. The brand-new Hyperloop will get you there in approximately 35 minutes. Would you like me to book tickets for you?” Paul decides that this is a great opportunity for him to take his daughter on a trip to Paris and replies: “Yes please, could you please book 2 tickets for me and Lauren for Saturday around 9.30am?”

When Paul and Lauren arrive at Hyperloop Station Gare du Nord in Paris, they are collected by an autonomous vehicle that brings them to ‘Tailor Jean Gaston’ brand store. Instore, the boutique smells like cedarwood and has Chesterfield-style furniture, definitely Paul’s style! The jazzy background music is completing the warm, classy look and feel. A nice lady welcomes them with fresh coffee. ‘Bonjour Monsieur Paul and Mademoiselle Lauren, my name is Alice I am your host today. The robot assistant will guide you to your dressing room where your suit is waiting for you. I will be there shortly to further advise you, if you please.’

Paul tries on the suit and it looks stunning! The only thing that needs altering are the sleeves. They are still a bit long. Paul discusses the alterations with Alice and then decides that Lauren can choose his cufflinks for him. She is very excited about that! She chooses a design with the letters L (for Lauren) and J (for her brother Jasper). The cufflinks are printed in store and Lauren is mesmerized by the whole event. “That is so cool!”

Paul pays using facial recognition. This also completes the address details for the suit to be delivered, making the whole experience quick and easy. Now Paul and Lauren still have the whole afternoon to explore Paris!

When they arrive home in the evening, the suit has been delivered. This was a brilliant experience! Taking the Hyperloop was so quick and easy as well. Normally Paul drives to Amsterdam to go shopping, but now he has experienced the Hyperloop he will go to Paris more often. This definitely expands opportunities!

This just imagine decribes the most important trends we see in the public environment:

Urban vs. rural innovation; ‘smart’ escapism in a public-private playground
According to the UN, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2030 – 1.5 billion more than in 2010. And all these people need energy, healthcare, water, mobility, housing and community areas. This booming urbanization and consequent stretched infrastructures cause environmental, logistical and social challenges threatening the quality of city life and therefore the well-being of citizens.

Autonomous mobility, as a service; towards an interconnected ecosystem
The 2030 ambitions for the European government are the greenest ever, with a minimum CO2 reduction of 40% as the main attraction. These targets have major consequences for the current mobility ecosystem. Smart roads, interconnected self-driving vehicles, car- or ridesharing and productive travel time are all future possibilities. Our current mobility ecosystem is on the verge of a revolution. And it is here sooner than you think.

Real Deep Fake; digital citizenship vs. Identity crisis – what if everything can be faked? 
Every single day we consult photos, videos, sounds, human voices, written texts and reviews to live our digital lives, but… What if they all can be faked? This so-called ‘infocalypse’, based on deep fake technology, is on its way at fast speed and puts us in front of a new era of information consumption. Is is it real, is it fake, or is it real fake?

Privacy, morality and trustworthiness; to share or not to share
A world where we trust our lives, economies and societies to technological innovations is evolving. One question that becomes highly relevant is if one can live a digital life without giving up on privacy. Where Facebook’s usage declined for the first time last year, their trust issues continue, with the failure to launch Libra as the best example. These trust issues continue to grow in a larger discussion on moral standards, technological dependencies and privacy, since these form the fundament of our society.

‘Public environment’ is one of the three categories of trends and developments that will change the global market place in 2020. Want to see more of our Outlook for 2020? Watch here the video. Watch here the complete trend report.

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