TNXTOutlook 2019 – Secured Sharing

In a world full of change…
Secured sharing becomes a fundamental discussion. A rise of reluctant sharers, open ecosystems and blockchain initiatives result in tons of opportunities but also put pressure on current frameworks. Transparent ownership for everyone.

Privacy, morality and trustworthiness
A transition towards a connected society where we trust our lives to digital services puts privacy, morality and trustworthiness on everyone’s agenda.

CASE | Search engine DuckDuckGo brings privacy back to users; no profiling, but showing everyone the same search results

Open ecosystems
Digital ecosystems will move to a new playground, where collaboration and openness between different stakeholders realise benefits to all.

CASE | SharedStreets is a public-private data platform by Ford, Lyft and Uber with the objective to solve urban planning issues

Moving away from its cryptocurrency image, the blockchain will bring pioneering solutions to fundamental problems in the world.

CASE | FairChain coffee brand Moyee uses blockchain technology to create full transparency within the value chain; from production to sales

‘Secured Sharing’ is one of the four categories of trends and developments that will change the global market place in 2019. Want to see more of our Outlook for 2019? Download here the complete trend report.

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