TNXTOutlook 2019 – Better self; better world

In a world full of change…
Consumers start to understand the current impact of human beings on our planet and raise their voice. People start to live healthier, consider the sustainable aspect in their brand choices and unite for a better tomorrow. A better self, a better world.

Consumer wellbeing
People start to realise that their way of consuming needs to be changed, with a healthy/sustainable lifestyle as a result. There will be more focus on matters like plastic-free production, plant-based foods and re-sell/recycle of products.

CASE | Adidas is working with Parley to prevent plastic entering the oceans and transforms it into high performance sportswear.

Middle class movements
The middle class is booming in developing countries, but struggling to maintain position in developed countries. The middle class are moving away from conspicuous consumption. Underlying drivers are rooted in reassessment of values.

CASE | Hello Lamp Post facilitates conversations between citizen and street objects, in order to hear and often unheard layer of society.

Sustainable Business Models
The theory of Business Models was developed at a time when we did not comprehend the natural limits to growth, but that is changing. Two trends appear:

1) from ownership to pay-per-use, and
2) circular supplies and resource recovery.

CASE | ‘Groene Bouwhekken’ leases ‘green’ construction fences; produced and maintained by people with poor job perspectives.

Biohacking and e-health
A crazy-sounding name for something not crazy at all; the desire to be the absolute best version of ourselves. Biohacking will influence work life as the level of productivity and cognitive function increase and social relationships improve.

CASE | Cyborg Antenna helps a color-blind person perceiving the colors behind a limited grey scale.

‘Better self; better world’ is one of the four categories of trends and developments that will change the global market place in 2019. Want to see more of our Outlook for 2019? Download here the complete trend report.

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