The Next Organization’s 10th birthday

It is 2020; the start of a new decade, the year of the Olympics and the moment that many of us have been waiting for: Formula 1 is back in the Netherlands! In addition to all these great events taking place this year, 2020 is special to us for another reason: this year The Next Organization is celebrating its 10th birthday!

This is a true milestone that we are very proud to have achieved. All year long, we will celebrate 10 years of helping clients to grow their business, and we will do this in various ways. The first element that we can reveal is that we are going to publish 10 inspiring interviews in which some of our clients look back on the past 10 years and look ahead towards the next 10 years.

They will talk about how the world has changed and which challenges they have overcome, what developments they see in their market, predict what their industry will look like in 10 years and which challenges lay ahead of them.

These are interviews that you do not want to miss! Thus, follow us on LinkedIn and stay tuned for updates.

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