The Next Quarterly annual overview 2018

door Imke van der Linden | jan 10, 2019 | Articles, TNXTO News
The second week of January 2019: a good moment to reflect on what we published last year in our online magazine The Next Quarterly. How many articles did we post, which topic did we discuss, which articles scored the best and which author wrote the most articles? You can read this – and more – in The Next Quarterly annual overview 2018. In 2018, we published 23 posts on our news platform Nine of them were “TNXTO News”; posts that discuss several of our knowledge sessions, the activities we did in the Ghana Business Star Growth Program and the official start of the Value Proposition Research Program. Our consultants wrote 11 interesting The Next Quarterly articles about various topics; how to protect data in an increasingly connected world, how to benefit from university-business collaborations, and how cooperation with dealer networks creates tailor-fit service-experiences for customers, but also a view on how Bhutanian principles could increase company performance and about Ikigai – the new promising attempt to integrate professional and personal purpose for organisational success. This year, the top writer was Yasin Sahhar. He published 5 articles in 2018. Together with we also published two interviews; founders Steije Renes and Elrik Paap told about the history of The Next Organization and Martin Schuit shared his experiences with working for The Next Organization. Top 5 best read articles in 2018
Position Article Author
1. Happiness makes the world go around: A view on why Bhutanian principles could increase company performance Martin Schuit
2. Developing long-term innovation with internal start-up management Ted Scholten
3. Terugblik Strategic Marketing Consultancy Day 2018 Gaby Baas
4. Ikigai – the new promising attempt to integrate professional and personal purpose for organisational success Floor van de Vaart
5. How to benefit from university-business collaborations Yasin Sahhar
*click the title to go to the articles directly We look forward to a next year full of interesting reads. What 2019 will bring is still a surprise. But we are excited to tell you that:
  • the next interview about working for the Next Organization is in the making
  • the Outlook for 2019 (full of trends that affect us all) will be published in the upcoming weeks
  • Our colleagues are already writing the first new The Next Quarterly articles of 2019!
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