Value Proposition Research Program – Kick-off

The Value Proposition Research Program (VPRP) has officially started! Thales, Riwal and CED form the first group participating in this program. Previous weeks, our colleague Yasin Sahhar who is in the lead for this program, organised kick-off sessions for all teams to introduce them to the key concepts and to discuss the outline of this one-year research program.

New knowledge development in the field of strategic marketing lies at the core of the VPRP. The fundament of this program is supported by state-of-the-art academic research that is developed together with the University of Twente. This program involves well-known, industry leading, companies to integrate academic research with practice in order to create both theoretical and practical relevant knowledge.

In short, the VPRP focuses on the “Service Logic”, a new paradigm in marketing. This logic sees customer value and value creation from a different perspective which helps organisations to be more relevant for their customers, now and in the future. Instead of viewing organisations at the heart of value creation, customers are central in the value creation process and create value while using products of services from these organisations (referred to as “value-in-use”). In turn, customers become the so-called “arbiter” and “creator” of value meaning that on the one hand they determine what is of value and on the other hand create value. Still, the role of organisations is imperative. They fulfil the role of “value facilitator” and can create certain opportunities to co-create value with their customers in order to enhance the customer’s value experience.

So, what’s in it for organisations participating in the VPRP? The program works on three levels. First, it shows how organisations can understand their customers from a value-in-use perspective. This new lens on value leads to new and more in-depth customers insights. Second, it shows how organisations can continuously align their offering with the value-in-use of customers. Finally, it delivers concrete steps that organisations should take in the value co-creation process. This tells them what to do, in which step of the Customer Journey, in order to enhance the customer’s value experience.

Even though the first group has begun, we are constantly looking for organisations interested to be at the forefront of “customer centricity” and willing to contribute to new knowledge development. Interested and want to know more about the VPRP? Please feel free to contact us!


Yasin Sahhar MSc
Consultant & PhD Researcher

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