TNXTOutlook 2019 – Beyond human capacity

In a world full of change…
Technology moves beyond human capacity. Ongoing advances in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and 3D printing bridge the gap between the physical and digital world in ways that were unimaginable before. Tech for the good.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Being able to offer highly personalised, innovative services is becoming a key skill to align with the dynamic needs of customers.

CASE | Zalando aspires to become the all-knowing operating system of the European fashion world

A new range of game-changing 3D-printing applications increasingly proves the added value to the mass.

CASE | Food Ink is the world’s first 3D printing restaurant

Internet of Robotic Things
IoT extended with Robotics leads to a new concept; Internet of Robotic Things. Not only sensing, but also physical and mental abilities by robotics will slowly become normal in our daily lives.

CASE | Robot hotel Henn-na; if you do not want to be around humans

‘Beyond human capacity’ is one of the four categories of trends and developments that will change the global market place in 2019. Want to see more of our Outlook for 2019? Download here the complete trend report.

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