Ghana Business Star Growth Program – Challenge Session 2

Recently, the participants of the Ghana Business Star Growth Program came together for the second Challenge Session. Prior to the Challenge Session, all participants visited two companies for an entrepreneur safari to get a better insight in the Customer Journey.

Entrepreneur safari
The GBSGP participants were split into groups and each group had to visit two companies and pretend they were a potential customer. This exercise was focused on giving the participants a practical experience of the Customer Journey and what their ‘moments of pain’ and ‘moments of glory’ were.
The first group visited a fitness health club and a restaurant, the second one a famous international sport shop and a motorbike shop.

This entrepreneur safari helps participants to reflect on their own business and the importance to get feedback from your customers in order to improve your company’s Customer Journey.

Challenge Session 2
The second Challenge Session started with a recap of the Customer Journey and the Value Proposition. The participants explained how they felt they were treated as a customer during the entrepreneur safari. They did a growth strategy exercise and followed a Masterclass in Human Resources by Eric van Kuijzen.
The rest of the weekend, participants were busy with topics like: their market approach and accompanying business plan.

In the subsequent months the participants will continue to work on their business plan together with their coaches. The final session will be held in October, when the participants will look at the financial aspect of their business. Finally, will the participants test their new knowledge in the Marketing- and Sales game.

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