Executive MBA at Rotterdam School of Management

This blogpost is for everyone who is considering doing an Executive MBA, but also for my friends and family to understand where I’ve been, as well as to my colleagues who had to hear the same weekend stories week in week out for the past two years: “MBA, deadlines, classes, you know, just a regular weekend”.

Almost two years into the program, the end is near. And what a rollercoaster it has been! A fun ride though, that went by fast, really fast. From day one, the constant workload, deadlines, classes, combined with work, basketball as well as a social life has made the program challenging. However, if you’re willing to make some sacrifices here and there and manage your time as efficient as possible, the program is manageable and very rewarding.

A combination of excellent professors, in depth case discussions during classes, group and individual assignments on topics ranging from HRM, Finance to Marketing and Organizational Behavior makes the Executive MBA at Rotterdam School of Management worth your while. Combine this with international study trips to Cape Town and Toronto, catching up with your fellow students in the hotel bar on Friday night and an innumerous number of new friends that I’ve got to know throughout the program, and you might even begin to understand why I would spend 15 hours a week on my EMBA.

Was it worth it? Definitely. I believe that all of the above has developed me into a more all-round manager that has a better understanding of the different aspects within a company, an industry, an economy and around the world in general. The EMBA program of RSM broadens your scope and view on problems and possible solutions, creating sustainable value for the individual as well as company.

To the people that read this and are considering an EMBA and would like to talk to me about it in more detail over coffee, please feel free to reach out! To my friends and family, I would like to re-introduce myself:
Hello, my name is Martin Schuit, consultant at The Next Organization, EMBA’19 alumnus, it’s a pleasure to meet you (again).

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