In an era of change... one of the certainties is that The Next Organization offers a yearly overview of the most important trends and developments that can influence your organisation in the coming years. Read our trend report: the Outlook 2021, get inspired and learn how to respond to these changes.


Refining the business model of your organisation through collaborating in multidisciplinary teams independent of where you are. Learn and apply about the latest marketing and sales concepts through gamification!


To celebrate 10 years of helping customers grow, we publish 10 inspiring customer interviews throughout the year. We'll discuss with our customers how the world has changed, what challenges they've overcome, what developments they see in their market, what their industry will look like in 10 years and what challenges await them.


Future Talks is a series of conversations in which we deal with various themes that are important now, especially in times of COVID-19. Topics such as strategy, innovation, sustainability and diversity will be discussed. Are you curious about the output of these talks or do you, as a business leader, also want to participate in a conversation about the future of organisations? Click on read more for more information.


We are committed to help companies to overcome the corona crisis. That's why we interviewed managers to determine exactly what they are up against in these times. Based on the discussions, we developed a pressure cooker, in which we help companies to anticipate the consequences of the crisis. We discuss relevant trends and developments and together we create scenarios in which companies emerge stronger from the crisis. Are you also interested in this pressure cooker? Feel free to contact us to discuss your wishes and the possibilities.


We help companies grow, by supporting them from strategy to implementation. Wondering what we can do for you? Discover it here.

Growth by optimising and
innovating business models.

The Next Organization is a strategic consulting firm that specialises in improving the commercial performance of organisations. Together with our clients we innovate and optimise business models. Changing customer behaviour and social & technological developments are the starting point. Sustainable results are the goal; that is why we support our clients from strategy to implementation…and beyond. In this way we help achieve the desired growth and create the next organization. We offer a wide range of advisory services, the most important of which we have listed below. In each consultancy process, we deploy the services that best fit our client's needs.


  • Future of Customer Interaction
  • Market Insights
  • Customer Insights
  • Business Insights
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  • Value proposition
  • Distribution models
  • Life Time Value
  • Marketing
  • Platform models
  • Sales and service excellence
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  • People and leadership
  • Customer Journey
  • Processes
  • Systems (CRM/ERP)
  • Market and Business Intelligence
  • Change management
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Our way of working is
done via various formulas.

We always put our customer first. This means that we not only align what we do with clients' needs, but also how we do it.

To this end, we have developed a number of formulas, each with its own approach: Strategic Consulting, Interim and Young Professionals, Marketing and Strategic Solutions and the Transformation Platform.

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We help organisations to
refine their commercial strategy.

Our holistic approach - supporting from strategy through to implementation - means that we have developed a number of supporting products and services, in addition to our consultancy services, so that we can effectively help our clients throughout the entire process. It is of course possible to take these products and services separately.



  • Customer Journey
  • Market and Business Intelligence
  • Pyramid Principle

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  • Customer Journey
  • Market and Business Intelligence
  • Pyramid Principle

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Our recent

Imke van der Linden over werken bij The Next Organization

Imke van der Linden begon ruim vier jaar geleden als Strategisch Consultant bij The Next Organization. In de afgelopen periode is zij doorgegroeid naar Junior Associate Consultant. In dit gesprek vertelt zij hoe het is om te werken bij The Next Organization.Hoe ben je...

TNXTOutlook 2021 – The future of environment and nature

2021: a year that will be in the theme of Radical transformation. Whether we think about the future of the environment and nature, society and individuals, or businesses and institutions, each one is pushed drastically think about how they should transform to remain...

Digitale Customer Journey training voor De Kleine Consultant Leiden

Inmiddels hebben we een jaar te maken met de invloed van COVID-19. Zoals velen werken wij voornamelijk vanuit huis en communiceren we digitaal via TEAMS. Gelukkig kunnen onze werkzaamheden op deze manier doorgaan en zo ook het geven van trainingen aan studenten....

Terug naar het nieuwe normaal

Verwacht men dat het nieuwe normaal hetzelfde, lichtelijk anders of compleet anders eruit gaat zien? Wanneer men verandering verwacht, wat betekent dit dan voor organisaties, onze samenleving, het consumentengedrag en zijn de organisaties hier wel op voorbereid?...

TNXTO News annual overview 2020

The second week of January 2021: a good moment to reflect on what we published last year in our news overview. How many articles did we post, which topics did we discuss, which articles scored the best and which author wrote the most articles? You can read this – and...

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