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The Marketing & Sales Game (M&S Game) is a real-life case-based game where theory and practice come together. The goal is to bring people’s knowledge of marketing and sales related concepts to the next level. The M&S Game can be played with a ready-made case or entirely tailored to your individual needs!

Develop your Marketing & Sales
knowledge & skills through gamification

The Marketing & Sales Game is based on the idea of gamification. It stimulates collaboration, allows modularity and is fun too for participants. As such, participants have a safe learning environment allowing them to make mistakes.

Even though gamification is used for the game, it is fully based on real-life cases creating a true and unique experience.

The Marketing & Sales Game
offers you...


The Marketing & Sales Game is an innovative and effective vehicle for both practitioners and students to get more acquainted with marketing and sales related concepts. Moreover, participants learn on the job because they apply the concepts directly. This gives them a proper impression of how to use several elements to make a successful strategy.


It is also about collaboration. Collaboration with peers but also with people from different fields and backgrounds. Through this, participants are challenged on soft skills such as teamwork skills. Every single participant fulfils a certain role in a team contributing to the overall result.


The Market & Sales Game can also be tailored specifically towards a certain case for an organisation. As such, participants address challenges that are present within a company. This win-win situation ensures that participants can develop themselves and organisational challenges can be solved.

Choose your level
of customisation

The Marketing & Sales Game comes in two different forms:

  1. Ready made: a fictitious company case, with predefined content that can be played directly.
  2. Customised: actual company case, with customized content tailored to your company situation.

Customization can be done in several ways:

  • Case: for the game a sector-specific case can be used or even a company-specific case. In this way, the case can, to a greater or lesser extent, simulate the real business situation.
  • Module: the game contains multiple modules. By choosing which and how many modules to play, you can tailor the focus and duration of the game to your needs.
  • Participants: you can choose to play the game with your own employees, or, for example, challenge MBA students to solve the challenge your organization faces.

Would you like to know more? Are you interested in how we can make the M&S Game fitting to your needs and help you forward? Please get in touch.

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