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As TNXTO, we stand for sustainable growth. Not only for ourselves, but also for our clients. We do this by continuously developing as a team in the field of sustainability.


We believe true sustainability must be embedded throughout the organisation. To achieve this, we work with you every step of the way: from innovating and recalibrating your strategy to managing, implementing and supporting sustainable transformation.


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Research, service and commitment


The power of synergy

Finding synergy between social, environmental and economic sustainability, as a basis for a future business model


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benadering duurzaamheid

TNXTO's approach towards a sustainable organisation

If you are an organisation keen to work on sustainability, we are happy to think along with you


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inclusiviteit in de gezondheidszorg

Inclusivity in the healthcare sector

Graduate study on the current status of inclusiveness in healthcare, with success factors and challenges


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Sociale en economische duurzaamheid

Bridging social and economic sustainability

Graduate research on the dimensions of social sustainability and their impact on the economic sustainability of large business organisations in the Netherlands.


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Inclusiviteit en duurzaamheid

Applying inclusivity in Western organisations

Graduate research on the essential topics for inclusivity in the West and how to apply them in the organisation.


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Future of Customer Interaction

Future of Customer Interaction

Website and community with latest developments on future customer behaviour.


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