Interim Professionals and Young Professionals to achieve transformation

Interim Professionals
and Young Professionals

Temporarily expand your team with interim professionals and young professionals to achieve business transformation.

Interim Professionals are experienced people who independently reinforce the team with their specific expertise. Young Professionals often have just completed their Master's and with this formula they start working for an organization under supervision of The Next Organization. This is done via a training program and business coaching.


Young talents are crucial in strengthening teams. They understand the new economy and want to develop it. They are also eager to learn and can be deployed flexibly. To facilitate this, we have developed the Young Professionals programme. For this programme, young talent is selected on the basis of interest, competencies and motivation to help companies optimise and innovate their business operations.
Young Professionals start with a training program, with which they learn to apply their acquired knowledge in various work situations. The training consists of an online learning program and in-house training on location at The Next Organization.
Business coaching
A business coach guides the Young Professional on both content and professional development. The coach discusses monthly progress and next steps with the Young Professional and the client.
Community and Transformation Platform
The Young Professionals also have each other, of course. Together they form a community in which they share knowledge and their personal experiences with each other. This can be done both face-to-face and via the Transformation Platform, where all necessary resources and help are available instantly.
Getting started immediately
The Young Professional programme gives young talent a kick-start and makes them immediately employable for employers. The programme lasts two years. After that, employee and employer can choose whether and how they want to continue together.
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It may happen that your team needs extra capacity to realise a transformation. These people need to have specific substantive knowledge and/or sector knowledge at their disposal. We have a network of Interim Professionals who can fulfil this role perfectly. These are all experts with extensive experience in strengthening teams and taking people into a transformation. This can for example be as a (programme) manager or as a temporary assignment for a line or team function.
Specific areas of knowledge
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Communication and Branding
  • Community and Platform Management
  • Marketing, Sales and Service
  • Proposition and Positioning
Specific industries
  • Energy (transition)
  • (Financial) services
  • Health care
  • Mobility
  • Government
  • Non for Profit
  • Recreation, Meetings and Events
  • Retail
  • Associations
Transformation platform and Community
Besides their own knowledge and experience, Interim Professionals make use of our Transformation Platform (including the E-learning program) and the knowledge and experience of our consultants. In this way, we offer a solid foundation from which Interim Professionals can operate.
All Interim Professionals have extensive experience, allowing them to operate independently in a role that matches the needs of the team.
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