The Next Organisation Outlook - Trend Report 2022

The Next Organisation Outlook: Trend Report 2022

The key to surviving in a dynamic world is to consistently change colour; staying true to your core but continuing to adapt to the dynamic environment. To keep up in this dynamic world, The Next Organization offers our annual Outlook.
The Next Organisation Outlook gives an overview of the most important trends and developments that can influence organisations in the coming year. Each of these trends and developments is extensively discussed on content and meaning. Some trends are illustrated with cases, in which the trends are applied to real-life examples, and 'Just Imagine' videos to give an idea of the specific trends.
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Are you triggered by certain trends or do you have questions about how they affect your business? The Next Organization organises a (digital) inspiration session for business professionals using our Outlook as a basis. During this interactive session, we will discuss with participants the impact of the latest trends and developments for 2022 on the market and organisations. You can register for this session here

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