Future Talks: Exchange of knowledge and experience for executive leadership and business development.

Sky-high gas prices, massive inflation, falling purchasing power and the war in Ukraine. Is a recession or even a depression really coming after Corona? What is coming at us all today and what does it mean for everyone's business?


In cooperation with CONSULTIVE Leading Forward At Future Talks, we exchange experiences with business leaders on various topics that are important for organisations, including the issues mentioned above. From this series of talks, interesting insights emerge that inspire people to think about the future of their organisation. People can ask each other questions, hear what other organisations are up against and how they deal with it.

Upcoming events

Future Talks Digital

Leadership today

Two-part workshop on leadership: practical interpretation of the profession, with Consultive sharing experiences. Themes: emotional and social intelligence, self-managing teams, unity of governance, situational leadership and involving the organisation in strategy and policy-making. Peers share experiences. Time for leadership basics often lacking in practice.

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Future Talks Focus Group

Sustainable Business Model

The Focus group will focus on the Sustainable Business Model and the synergy between economic, social and environmental sustainability. In the working session, insights are shared with peers, a sustainability scan is performed and we form a picture of how to reach the dot on the horizon. The result: knowledge about a sustainable business model, insight into where your organisation stands in terms of sustainability, concrete handles and explanations for the transition to a sustainable business model. Two editions are planned, namely on September 29 and 6 October

Future talks Live- Sociale Duurzaamheid

Future Talks LIVE

Social sustainability

Discover the secret of social sustainability in our upcoming Future Talks Live! Together, we will dive deeper into this important topic and learn what it really means. How can you achieve a sustainable transformation to social sustainability as an organisation? In this session, we will share valuable research findings and experiences to get you started. Join us and get inspired to make a positive impact and create a better world for all. Join our Future Talks Live and make the change we all strive for!

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Join the conversation with us
about the future of organisations?

We are always open to enthusiastic executive leaders who would like to discuss the future-proof organisation with peers and us. More information and the possibilities to participate in Future Talks can be found on the platform or contact Steije Renes.

Whitepaper: back to the core
in a new context.

Are you curious about the output of the first discussions and would you like to read more about how you can remain relevant as an organisation? Then read our paper 'Back to the core in a new context'.

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