Future Talks: the impact of COVID-19 is huge. On the
daily life, health and organisations.

We live in a rapidly changing world where COVID-19 is the subject of every conversation and has a huge impact on our daily work. The impact is not only huge on daily life, but also on health, business and therefore the economy.

In samenwerking met CONSULTIVE Leading Forward gaan wij het gesprek aan met managers uit het bedrijfsleven tijdens Future Talks. Managers wisselen ervaringen uit, wat helpt om na te denken over wat er in de wereld gebeurt en hoe zij hierop kunnen anticiperen. In deze gesprekken brengen wij hun samen zodat zij vragen kunnen stellen, horen waar andere organisaties tegenaanlopen en hoe met de situatie om te gaan. De rode draad door de gesprekken is de vraag: hoe blijf jij als organisatie relevant in een snel veranderende wereld?

Future Talks is a series of conversations in which we deal with various themes that are important now, especially in times of COVID-19. Topics such as strategy, innovation, sustainability and diversity will be discussed. As a business leader, you can register for each theme to achieve and guarantee the depth of each conversation.

Engaging in the conversation with us
on the future of organisations?

We are always open to enthusiastic executive leaders who would like to discuss the future-proof organisation with peers and us. More information and the possibilities to participate in Future Talks can be found on the platform or contact Steije Renes.

Whitepaper: back to the core
in a new context.

Are you curious about the output of the first discussions and would you like to read more about how you can remain relevant as an organisation? Then read our paper 'Back to the core in a new context'.