Customer Centricity Leadership Programme (CCLP)


The Customer Centricity Leadership Programme (CCLP) is part of the Business Transformation Centre (BTC) of the Next Organization. The programme has been specifically developed for managers in the field of business change who want to transform their organisation into a more customer-focused organisation. The program offers new insights into the key marketing concepts that are applied to your business to prepare for the future!


Become a Customer
Centricity pioneer

Today’s digital society is changing rapidly and businesses must be customer centric in order to manage these changes. This is a major challenge that business leaders have to deal with.


The CCLP is specifically designed to help business leaders and their organisations become pioneers in the customer centricity domain. Opinion leaders from academia as well as people with practical experience have developed new knowledge that they will share with you in this program. In addition, the program offers the opportunity to meet colleagues from different industries and share knowledge and experiences on a community platform.

Why you don't want to miss this programme


Inspiring speakers, who are experts in their field, share the latest insights. This will help you to become and stay up-to-date with new knowledge.


The CCLP is not just individually relevant, but also creates a network of ambitious business leaders. Such a network stimulates to share findings and collaborate with peers.


In addition to dealing with the key concepts needed to transform organisations into more customer-focused organisations, the CCLP also concretises what is needed to transform your organisation. In this way you can translate all findings to your organisation and put them into practice.

Additional advantages


A platform integrates both on & offline learning. Preperation and recap material on workshops or co-creation sessions, but also individual or group discussion among peers all come together on the community platform.


The CCLP is based on a pragmatic co-creation set-up that stimulates learning in different ways. Individuals are keen on increasing their knowledge but peers can inspire and strengthen each other.


A comfortable and inspiring location is key to have fun too! Participants are invited to a vibrant location that perfectly accommodates hard deserved breaks.

Learn all about
Customer Centricity.

Future of customer interaction

Value-in-use based propositions

Value experience management


Business model innovation

Organisational transformation

Familiarising with the latest trends and developments and how this impacts future interactions with customers


Insights in latest trends and developments in a broader, but also specific context, and how this impact future customer behaviour


  • Kick-off reception
  • Plenary inspiration session (2h) by thought leaders in academia and practice
  • Dinner with peers

Creating innovative (service) propositions based on the customer’s value-in-use in every step of the customer journey


New and more in-depth customer insights through identifying the customer’s value-in-use and creates a resonating value proposition accordingly


  • Plenary inspiration session (2h) by thought leaders
  • Case-based workshop (3h) led by experts that identifies value-in-use and translates to resonating value proposition elements
  • Dinner with peers

Facilitating and enhancing the customer’s value experience in sophisticated fashions in every step of the customer journey


Innovative ways to facilitate customers with value and sophisticated fashions for enhancing customer value experience


  • Plenary inspiration session (2h) by thought leaders
  • Case-based workshop (3h) led by experts that creates innovative value facilitation practices and new ways to boost the customer’s value experience
  • Dinner with peers

Measuring the perceived customer’s value experience in every step of the customer journey to identify opportunities to increase LifeTimeValue


Measurable insight into the customer’s value experience, identifies points for improvement and defines potential in LTV.


  • Plenary inspiration session (1h) by thought leaders
  • Tailor-made demo (2h) by experts that shows how the VALEX tool helps to identify points of improvement across the customer journey including LTV potential
  • Dinner with peers
Innovating key elements to be distinctive


Corner stones of a fit-for- future profitable business


  • Plenary inspiration session (1h) by thought leaders
  • Case-based workshop (3h) led by experts that creates the key elements of an innovative business model
  • Dinner with peers

Familiarising with the latest trends and developments and how this impacts future interactions with customers


Crucial elements in becoming a future proof customer- centric organisation.


  • Closing reception with round table session (3h) with peers from the industry led by experts
  • Dinner with peers

Additional details

The CCLP is a nine-month programme that helps organisations to transform into future-proof customer centric organisations.

Are you a business manager who focuses on business development, strategy, marketing, innovation and/or organisational transformation? Would you like to help your organisation to become more customer focused? Then this program is what you are looking for!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

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