The Next Organization Young Professional programme

Young talents are crucial in strengthening teams. They understand the new economy and want to build on it. They are also eager to learn and flexible. To facilitate this, we have developed the Young Professionals programme. For this programme, we link young talent on the basis of interest, competencies and motivation to companies to help them optimise and innovate their business operations.


In our Young Professionals we look for ambition, enthusiasm and a real 'go getter' mentality. Based on resilience they are driven to make themselves, organizations and the world a little better every day. On top of that, the TNXTO Young Professionals are busy every day with developing themselves, organisations and The Next Organization.


Our Young Professionals start with a training programme in which they learn to apply their acquired knowledge in various work situations. The training consists of an online learning programme and in-house training at The Next Organization.


Each Young Professional is assigned one of our consultants as a business coach who guides them in both content and professional development. The coach discusses the progress and the next steps with the Young Professional and the client on a monthly basis. Of course, the Young Professionals also have each other. Together they form a community in which they exchange knowledge and experiences. This can be done both face-to-face and via the Transformation Platform, where all necessary resources and help are readily available.


The Young Professional programme gives young talent a flying start and makes them immediately employable. The programme lasts one year. After that, employee and employer can decide if and how they want to continue working together.


On March 15th at 17:00, The Next Organization organizes an online event for the Young Professionals program. Here you can get to know TNXTO better and you will get a sneak peak into our way of working. Of course we will also discuss the entire Young Professionals program where you can ask all your questions. Sign up for the here on.


Are you a Young Professional or employer and interested? Then you will find here more information.

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