Dr Gordon Adomdza

Affiliated Consultant

Dr Gordon Kwesi Adomdza, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Ashesi University. He gives courses that use Design Thinking in the development of innovative concepts for new ideas and business models at Ashesi. He is also the leader of the Ashesi D: Lab, a thought leader for Design Thinking in Africa. He is also the founder of the Design Thinking Ghana Hub which leads the 2000+ member Design Thinking Meetup Group. He developed his design thinking curriculum in collaboration with Continuum Innovation, inventors of the award-winning Swiffer.

The research interests Adomdza are in the area of allocating resources for discovering and validating opportunities for entrepreneurs, as well as the idea-forming process for the development of new products. He started the Institute of Accelerator and Incubator Research to expand and disseminate his research into the role of venture assistance programs in entrepreneurship in Ghana.



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