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We are always looking for new colleagues! Therefore our vacancies do not have a closing date.

Our application process basically consists of five steps. Depending on the agendas, you can go through these fairly quickly.

These rounds are not only for us to get to know you, but also for you to get to know us and our organisation. In the end, it is only a match when there is a click from two sides.

Applying in times of COVID-19
Due to the situation surrounding the Covid-19 virus, we have decided to conduct introductory talks online for the time being by means of video calls.

It is therefore still possible to apply. We are happy to do any follow-up interview in person, so it will take place at our office.

Step 1: CV and motivation

It starts with your CV and cover letter. On the basis of this we look at whether you are a possible match for the position for which you have applied.

Step 2: Introductory interview

Did you catch our attention in the previous step? Then we would like to invite you for an introductory meeting with two consultants. During this meeting the focus is on getting to know you: we want to get to know you and you get to know The Next Organization even better.

Step 3: Assessment

If the introductory conversation was experienced positively by both sides, an online assessment will follow. We would like to know more about your preferences, competencies and personality. If the result meets our expectations, we will invite you for a case interview.

Step 4: Case interview

During the case interview, the focus is on the content. Once again you will speak to two colleagues and a case is part of the interview. In a short period of time, you will get to work on one of our client cases yourself and we are eager to find out more about your solution.

Step 5: Employment conversation

Is there a match? Then we conclude the application procedure with an employment conversation and after this conversation you will receive an employment contract!

Will you become our new colleague?
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Master thesis internship - Sustainable business models

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Strategic Consultant (Graduate)

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Strategic Consultant (experienced)

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Marketing Intelligence Consultant

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Associate Consultant

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Technical Consultant (graduate)

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Technical Consultant (student)

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We have selected a number of statements and chosen the answer that best suits us. Are you curious if you think the same about these statements and if/where we differ? Then take the test and see if you fit in with our team.

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Would you like to know what it's like to work as a strategic consultant at TNXTO, we would like to tell you more about what we do and the possibilities with us!

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If you would like to experience what it is like to work as a strategic consultant at TNXTO for a day and perhaps meet your future colleagues, sign up now for our in-house day!

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Our colleagues take the floor
on working at The Next Organization.

Imke van der Linden over werken bij The Next Organization

Imke van der Linden begon ruim vier jaar geleden als Strategisch Consultant bij The Next Organization. In de afgelopen periode is zij doorgegroeid naar Junior Associate Consultant. In dit gesprek vertelt zij hoe het is om te werken bij The Next Organization.Hoe ben je...

TNXTO News annual overview 2020

The second week of January 2021: a good moment to reflect on what we published last year in our news overview. How many articles did we post, which topics did we discuss, which articles scored the best and which author wrote the most articles? You can read this – and...

TNXTO Charity Day 2020

Als organisatie vinden wij het belangrijk om, naast het creëren van waarde voor onze klanten, ook maatschappelijk waarde toe te voegen. Jaarlijks zetten wij ons in voor goede doelen tijdens onze ‘Charity Day’. Zo hebben we 2020 afgesloten door ons in te zetten voor...

Werken vanuit Londen

Werken vanuit Londen – Samen met Carlijn blikken we terug op haar afgelopen drie jaar Het is deze maand alweer drie jaar geleden dat onze collega Carlijn samen met haar Engelse vriend naar Londen verhuisde en vanuit daar haar werk voor ons voortzette. Hoog tijd om...

Max Beunk over werken en stage lopen bij The Next Organization

Sinds 2018 is Max bij de The Next Organization aan de slag als werkstudent. Max volgt de opleiding Technische Informatica aan de hogeschool in Utrecht. Het afgelopen halfjaar heeft hij zich naast zijn regulieren werkzaamheden beziggehouden met zijn onderzoeksstage...

Jade Teunissen over (werken bij) The Next Organization

Begin van dit jaar is Jade Teunissen bij ons gestart als Strategisch Consultant. In dit artikel vertelt ze haar ervaringen van de afgelopen maanden en hoe het is om als starter bij ons aan de slag te gaan. Hoe zou je The Next Organization omschrijven? Als eerste:...

Associate Consultant Martin Schuit in gesprek met over (werken bij) The Next Organization

Martin Schuit begon vijf jaar geleden als afstudeerder bij The Next Organization. In de afgelopen periode is hij doorgegroeid tot Associate Consultant. In gesprek met vertelt hij hoe het is om bij The Next Organization te werken en legt hij uit hoe hij...