Jade Teunissen about (working at) The Next Organization

At the beginning of this year Jade Teunissen started working for us as a strategic consultant. In this article, she talks about her experiences of the past few months and what it is like to work for us as a starter.

How would you describe The Next Organization?
First: innovative in ideas and solutions. Secondly: hospitable and involved with employees, customers and relations. Finally: creative through interactive collaboration. The idea that I used to have in brainstorming sessions in front of the whiteboard within consultancy, is certainly a reality here (even virtual whiteboard sessions at the time of corona).

How do you look back on the past half year?
Very positive. Although it has been quite an unusual period for many companies and people, my first work experience has not suffered.

The first few months I worked in the office, which allowed me to get to know everyone well and personally. This did make the conversations and meetings online easier than if this had not been the case. Meanwhile, we can go back to the office for a day once in a while and I notice that I really missed it. After all, the atmosphere, the office and the many (in)formal contacts with colleagues were an important reason why I applied for a job at TNXTO. I would therefore like it if we could return to the cosiness of office chats and Friday afternoon drinks soon.

From the very first days, I was involved in many different (customer) projects and was sometimes given considerable responsibility within these projects.

On the one hand, the projects, the trust and the commitment within the company and, on the other hand, the atmosphere and the people make TNXTO a very nice environment to work in. And to top it all off, after these six months I have been offered a permanent contract!

What are your ambitions?
In the coming years, I hope to develop myself as much as possible, to be able to contribute to many different projects and thus get to know companies while finding and developing my area of expertise.

Furthermore, I would like to grow not only within projects, but also within internal roles. With my coach and the help I get to achieve my personal goals, I am sure I will succeed at TNXTO!

Do you have any advice for upcoming starters?
Make use of all the activities, events and contact moments that are offered to you. Even if a company does not communicate that they are doing this, there is always the possibility for a cup of coffee or a phone call.

The work you will be doing at one company and another may be similar. It is therefore extra important to find the office, the culture and the colleagues that suit you.

Furthermore, the more you talk to people about it, the more you will find out what you are looking for and what you really want.

Do you want to know more about working as a consultant at The Next Organization? Then take a look at our vacancies Or contact us and schedule a (digital) cup of coffee with Jade.

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