TNXTO Growth Platform Knowledge Session

At The Next Organization, we regularly hold knowledge sessions. The goal of these knowledge sessions is to further develop and share knowledge and skills. We do this by jointly discussing relevant themes and practical cases. Recently, it was the turn of our colleagues Steije Renes, Gaby Baas and Camille Zaaijer. They provided an information session about the TNXTO Growth Platform and the related Learning Management System (LMS).

The TNXTO Growth Platform?
The TNXTO Growth Platform facilitates clients in developing knowledge and using this to define or redefine their own organisational strategy. The LMS supports the selection, follow-up and provision of online training and is the basis for group sessions which can be both online and offline. The TNXTO Growth Platform can be used in two ways:

  • Strategy Pressure Cooker: Strategy determination or recalibration with relevant trends and developments in the market as a starting point and elaboration of the strategy modules.
  • Dynamic multi-year plan: the organisation uses the platform periodically to update and share its strategy within the organisation on the basis of trends and developments, results and objectives.

The programmes are modular and can be made organisation-specific by using 'real-life' assignments in their own environment.

The digital knowledge session
In one afternoon, the colleagues were taken through the vision of the TNXTO Growth Platform, the developed LMS containing the various learning modules, and together considered the further development of the platform.

We started the session with a bit of vision and introduction to learning, after which we went deeper into the TNXTO Growth platform and its programmes.

Then colleague, Gaby Baas, took the rest of the colleagues online through the various modules, which included theory, application, accompanying quizzes and assignments.

After the demo, we split up into groups and looked at the further development of the platform, in particular to see what value the TNXTO Growth Platform can add for our customers and how customers can make optimal use of it.

We look back on a fun interactive online session and look forward to the next one!

Interested in what The Next Ogranization and the TNXTO Growth Platform can mean for facilitating strategy rebalancing at the time of Corona? Or in general? Please feel free to contact us!

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