Three aspects of sustainability explained

"A future-proof business model requires finding synergy between social, ecological and economic sustainability"

Creating synergy

Organisations aspire to develop on social and environmental sustainability. Transformation, however, is proving difficult. Research shows that not yet knowing 'how' and scarcity of resources are bottlenecks. The solution lies in finding synergy between different aspects of sustainability. People then see the contribution to society and at the same time the positive effects on the business case. This is how you move from ad hoc solutions to structurally improving resilience and sustainable performance.


Incremental approach

Transformation requires a vision of the future and a step-by-step process towards it. Starting with practical actions that have a visible impact and continuously expanding that. With this, you make iterations as an organisation in which vision, support, action and results go hand in hand.


Economic sustainability

Is about achieving profitability and thereby ensuring continuity for the organisation.


Ecological sustainability

Concerns keeping nature intact and enhancing biodiversity, by providing eco-friendly products and services in an environmentally friendly manner.


Social sustainability

Social sustainability is about people's social well-being and the added value the organisation contributes to it. Social well-being includes civility, commitment and vitality, both at the level of society at large and towards customers, partners and employees.


Do you want to accelerate sustainable transformation?

We are happy to help take practical steps




Transformation starts with inspiration. In a brainstorming session, we discuss the various aspects of sustainability and how to find synergy in them. Then we look at how to respond strategically as an organisation.




With the sustainability scan, you create insight into where the organisation stands in terms of sustainability. The future image and objectives, together with the scan results, form the basis for the roadmap.




With the development of a roadmap, we arrive at the step-by-step approach with concrete activities and results. This is the basis for successful sustainable transformation.


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