Consultancy firm The Next Organization introduces an innovative research program to London-based companies

Combining the latest academic knowledge in marketing with expertise from practitioners in order to develop new knowledge in key marketing concepts. That is what the Value Proposition Research Program (VPRP) is all about. The Next Organization initiated the VPRP to help organisations become more 'customer centric'.

New trends and technologies cause customer needs to change continuously. As a result, business contexts rapidly evolve. Companies find it difficult to cope with turbulent environments like these. It is challenging to understand customer's needs and translate this, on a continuous basis, to a compelling offering. Therefore, it is of crucial importance that companies become more customer centric and gain a more in-depth understanding of their customers and place them at the centre of value creation.

The VPRP helps organisations to overcome these challenges and become pioneers in customer centricity. Through participating in this one-year research programme, organisations become familiar with the latest knowledge in the field of marketing. There are three reasons to participate:

The fundament of this research programme is supported by state-of-the-art academic research that is developed together with the University of Twente. In addition, the program cooperates with companies to add practical knowledge to the academic fundament. The VPRP has already started in the Netherlands with three industry-leading organisations from different sectors (Thales, CED, and Riwal). As a result, new knowledge that is both relevant for practice and theory will be collaboratively developed.

Does your organisation want to learn more about and be part of this research programme? Are you interested in taking the leap to be at the forefront in customer centricity? Please contact Yasin Sahhar (via for further information on the programme.

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