The Next Outlook - Trend Report 2019

In a world full of change...
One of the certainties is that The Next Organization offers you a yearly overview of the most important trends and developments that could impact your organisation in the upcoming year.

... Consumers start to understand the current impact of human beings on our planet and raise their voice. People start to live healthier, consider the sustainable aspect in their brand choices and unite for a better tomorrow. A better self, a better world.

... Consumer interactions rise to a new level. The experience economy finds itself a new definition and Augmented/Virtual Reality move from endless opportunities to true added value to mankind. Still in doubt? Ask your voice assistant.

... Technology moves beyond human capacity. Ongoing advances in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and 3D printing bridge the gap between the physical and digital world in ways that were unimaginable before. Tech for the good.

... Secured sharing becomes a fundamental discussion. A rise of reluctant sharers, open ecosystems and blockchain initiatives result in tons of opportunities but also put pressure on current frameworks. Transparent ownership for everyone.

The team of The Next Organization formulated 13 trends and developments in the behaviour of consumers and organizations that are the most relevant to companies and institutions in the coming year. These trends and developments are clustered in four categories. Download here the complete trend report.

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