TNXTO News annual overview 2020

The second week of January 2021: a good moment to reflect on what we published last year in our news overview. How many articles did we post, which topics did we discuss, which articles scored the best and which author wrote the most articles? You can read this – and more – in our annual overview 2021.

In 2020, we published 29 posts on our news page. Ten of them were interviews with both inspiring leaders about trends and developments in their industries and with our colleagues about their experiences as a consultant. Our colleagues wrote 9 interesting The Next Quarterly articles about various topics including; how to innovate your revenue model, what the impact of technology is on consumer behaviour, how to stay connected with your customers in the social distance era and how to make working from how both fun and productive.

This year, the top writer was Imke van der Linden. She published 8 articles in 2020. Together with we also published six interviews including; new customer experience index VALEX overshadows current tools and 120 participants play the Marketing & Sales Game of The Next Organization.

Top 5 best read articles in 2020
1. The Next Organization’s 10th Birthday | Carlijn Camps
2. Jade Teunissen over (werken bij) The Next Organization | Jade Teunissen
3. Interview met Floris Lettinga (YANMAR Marine International) | Martin Schuit
4. Interview met Professor Ad de Jong (Copenhagen Business School) | Yasin Sahhar
5. Customer Journey training bij De Kleine Consultant Leiden | Imke van der Linden

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We look forward to a next year full of interesting reads. What 2021 will bring is still a surprise. But we are excited to tell you that the Outlook for 2021 (full of trends that affect us all) will be published in the upcoming weeks!

Our colleagues are already writing the first news articles of 2021!

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