The Next Organisation makes wishes come true

As an organisation, we believe it is important, in addition to helping organisations, to be able to be of social value and support charities. This year, we are committed to Sherpa.

Sherpa is a Dutch organisation which supports people with mental and physical disabilities in the areas of living, working, learning and leisure. Last Christmas, Sherpa's clients were able to put their wishes in a digital wishing tree. From a good relationship with Sherpa, we like to help to fulfill some of these wishes!

In April, we set to work on our first wish: a garden full of colourful flowers and plants. After shopping at a garden centre, we drove to the Sherpa home in Baarn to make a residential group happy by brightening up a garden. The residents were soon looking around curiously and were pleasantly surprised. We hope that this group of residents will be able to enjoy the flowers this summer!

We surprised the next client with a laptop. Because of his disability, he often lies in bed and he likes to watch programmes on a laptop and to be able to send e-mails. We were warmly received and invited to have a drink with him.

Another wish that came true was the wish to attend a concert by Within Temptation. This Dutch rock band performed last July in the garden of Soestdijk Palace. Not much beforehand, we went to the client's home to hand over the tickets. He was very happy and told everyone about it in the days before the concert. Afterwards, he told us that he really enjoyed the concert.

Recently, some of our colleagues prepared a high-tea. In doing so, we fulfilled the wish of a client to have a high-tea with his housemates. To make sure that everyone in the group could enjoy it, we prepared soft snacks and sweets made by the colleagues. After doing the necessary shopping and preparation, our colleagues left for the facility with a full shopping bag. They were festively received by one of the residents, who had taken off her party hat especially for the occasion. With party music playing in the background, the residents enjoyed all the goodies and we enjoyed the fantastic afternoon we had with the residents and their supervisors.

We look back on a few special afternoons and feel grateful that together we were able to surprise a number of Sherpa's clients by making their wishes come true.

From one of the clients we received this beautiful thank-you poem:

Sherpa  has a wishing tree for clients,
B. thought Within Temptation costs a lot of pennies.
So B.'s wish was to go to a concert,
and his sponsor saw his wish.
B.'s wish was fulfilled,
and suddenly had an evening fill on Thursday, 11 July.
He was allowed to go to Within Temptation at Soestdijk Palace,
He was a king.
It was a fantastic evening,
That consisted of good food, good music and a lot of fun.
Thank you!

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