Customer Journey training at De Kleine Consultant Utrecht

Recently, Ilse Marsman, Carlijn Camps and Mark Hakhof gave a training on the Customer Journey at a number of branches of De Kleine Consultant, a non-profit strategy consultancy run by students. About 20 budding consultants from the branches Utrecht, Delft and Leiden were taken through a Customer Journey trajectory and given some practical tools to work with.

Why the Customer Journey?
The Customer Journey, or rather the methodology of Customer Journey Mapping, is a simple way to gain insight into where the opportunities lie for improving the customer experience-from the customer's perspective. This highly scalable methodology can be cast in a wide variety of forms, but all offer the same benefit: insight into the context of the customer (who is my customer?), the needs of the customer (what does he/she want?), the interaction moments (how does the customer act?) and the emotions of the customer (what does he/she experience?). From there, the method provides insight into opportunities for improvement.

Customer Journey Mapping can be applied on three levels, which makes it a versatile method:

1) Strategic level: for instance to determine growth directions, to design innovative (service) concepts, or to improve brand perception.

2) Tactical level: for e.g. the development of new products and services, the optimisation of channel steering/synergy, or the (re)design of the IT infrastructure.

3) Operational level: for e.g. optimising end-to-end business processes, and improving communications.

Its simplicity, combined with its applicability at all organisational levels, makes it an extremely relevant tool for teaching Small Consultants the ropes.

Customer Journey training
In one evening, the Small Consultants were taken through a global step-by-step plan that reflects how The Next Organization carries out a Customer Journey (sub)project. Starting with the understanding of customer behaviour (in which we talked about personas, customer preferences and the role of data) we continued with the design of the desired customer journey and its realization. After all, the impact is only made when the journey is actually realised. A number of practical examples and assignments gave the Small Consultants handles to apply in their own projects.

Although there is much more to tell about Customer Journeys than was covered in this training, the Small Consultants were able to get a good understanding of this 'tool' in an hour and a half. By responding to the expectations expressed beforehand, they can go on their next customer case with useful input.

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