TNXTO Knowledge Day on the themes of sustainable business models, market approach and a customer case

In the second half of 2020, our knowledge development will not stand still either! That's why we organised a digital knowledge day last Friday, during which our colleagues explored three interesting topics: sustainable business models, market approach and a customer case.

We started the day with the topic of 'sustainable business models'. The world is currently changing at a rapid pace. A business model is sustainable when it is able to continue to create value in the face of these changes. Therefore, within this topic, we look at how we can make an organisation's business model 'future proof' so that it can withstand the changes in the world.

The colleagues were introduced to the 'strategic driver and innovation loop'. This model provides tools for making the business model sustainable. Agility is the key to success; this model helps an organisation to be agile across two axes:

  • Periodic by looking at trends and developments and translating them into relevant sustainability improvements in the business model.
  • Continuous by being in constant dialogue with target groups, partners and the various disciplines within the organisation.

The second topic of this knowledge day was "marketing". By this we mean approaching and being visible to a self-determined target group to ensure the acquisition of new customers. With marketing marketing, potential customers are noticed and transformed into marketing qualified leads (MQL), sales qualified leads (SQL) and customers.

During the knowledge day, we dived deeper into the different ways of segmentation marketing, various marketing channels, different marketing goals (creating awareness to winning back lost customers) and finally the different forms of marketing (content, event, experience, partnership and psychological marketing). To make the shared knowledge even more tangible in addition to the examples discussed, we concluded this topic with an assignment in which we applied the topics discussed to an existing customer case.

The final topic of the day focused on a customer case, for this knowledge day Project Dynamite at Aramark. Project Dynamite is an example of a project with a strong overlap between Strategy and (IT) implementation. Aramark is currently about to go 'live' with a new ERP system, so it was time to take the rest of the colleagues through this interesting customer case.

During the knowledge day, three main phases of this project were discussed:

  • Strategy & requirements In which the future strategy, required functionalities and requirements are mapped out by means of a thorough analysis,
  • Supplier selection guiding the choice of the right supplier and solution, and the
  • Implementation In the role of Project Delivery Manager, the implementation was supervised from A to Z.

These topics will soon be included in our Learning Management System so please contact us for more information!

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