TNXTO Knowledge day on the themes of change management, VALEX Customer Journey measurement tool and organisational learning

Last week, we kicked off our knowledge development cycle with our first knowledge day of the year. During this digital knowledge day, we delved into change management and organisational learning and were given a demo of our VALEX Customer Journey measurement tool.

Change management and continuous transformation
We started the day with the topic of 'Continuous Transformation'. More than 2,000 years ago, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said that change was the only constant, and this statement seems truer than ever in the past year due to COVID-19. Entire business models and strategies were turned upside down. But to what extent is the organisation capable of change? And how about within the different teams and each individual?

During this session, colleagues went deeper into the "people-side of change dives. To determine how important the "people" factor is within an intended change, we looked at the "people-dependent ROI"In other words, what part of the success of a change depends on its adoption and use by employees.

We then set to work with concrete tools to further understand change in the area of people by looking at:

  • Individual level looking in particular at the profile of the individual, uncertainty and practical tools for dealing with it
  • Group level focusing on the "maturity" of a team and associated cognitive biases
  • And finally Organisation level In which we considered factors that can influence the feasibility of a change and related pitfalls.

VALEX Customer Journey Measurement demo: continuous insight into the experience of customers during their customer journey
The second topic of the knowledge day was VALEX Customer Journey Measurement and a demo of the software tool. VALEX is a new customer experience measurement index that takes customer journey measurement to the next level. VALEX focuses on the value created by the customer through the use of products and services, or 'value-in-use'. The VALEX methodology has been developed in such a way that it gives organisations direct insight into which customer is experiencing which phase of the customer journey and for which products and services. By looking at customer experience in this way, it gives organisations more and new insights, from a truly customer-centric perspective. This offers potential to increase value for both customers and the organisation itself.

During the demo of the software tool, the configuration of the basic settings, the offering of surveys to a specific target group and the visualisation of the results via various dashboards were discussed. Read here More about VALEX.

Organizational Learning
The COVID crisis has changed the way of working in organisations worldwide. Organisations, managers, teams and individual employees have had to learn new processes and routines in order to adapt to the new normal.

The uncertainties and challenges involved in learning and development within organisations can be an important source of opportunities. However, not everyone sees it this way. During the session Organizational Learning, we went deeper into the why behind this.

How one reacts to such situations is largely related to the mind-set used by an individual or by an organisation as a whole. Based on the work of Carol Dweck, we distinguish two types of mindsets: the fixed mindset and the growth mindset. During the session, the team was introduced to the theory behind these mindsets, how they can recognise them and, more importantly, how these mindsets can be achieved and used to achieve optimal results and value within projects.

These topics will soon be included in our Learning Management System so please contact us for more information!

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