TNXTO Charity Day 2020

As an organisation, we find it important to add social value as well as creating value for our customers. Every year, we dedicate ourselves to good causes during our 'Charity Day'. This is how we ended 2020 by committing to Sherpa - a Dutch organisation which supports people with a mental and physical disability in the areas of living, working, learning and leisure. In recent years, we have supported this organisation by putting its clients in the spotlight in various ways. Due to the arrival of Corona, this year we were not able to work directly with and for residents and clients, but we were allowed to think along on a number of management issues.

Corona and the associated measures also have an enormous impact on Sherpa; both on the life and work of residents and clients, and on the employees of the organisation itself.
In two teams we went to work digitally; team 1 with a strategic issue and team 2 with an organizational issue. Two managers of Sherpa joined the digital meeting to give an extensive introduction to each question. They spoke enthusiastically about the work they do at Sherpa and what this means for clients. We were given the opportunity to get more in-depth explanations and ask questions before we went to work ourselves. We analysed the information gathered and made a first attempt at a storyline with potential solutions. In the coming period we will work on this further so that we can give Sherpa concrete tools to work with.

We look back on a special and inspiring day and feel grateful that, in spite of Corona, we are able to contribute to the Sherpa organisation in this way.

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