Tim Vellema about (working at) The Next Organization

Tim Vellema works at The Next Organization as a consultant since September 2021. Tim got off to a flying start with several interesting projects and a Team Day. In this interview, we asked Tim how he experiences working at The Next Organization.


How did you end up at The Next Organization?
During my studies, I came into contact with several 'strategy consulting' firms and was able to orient myself broadly. I was looking for a 'young' office where I could develop myself quickly, carry out complex national and international assignments, and be given many responsibilities. In addition, I like an organisational culture where people work hard in a good way. I found all of this at The Next, so I am very happy that I started here!


How did you experience your first two months at The Next Organization?
I am given many responsibilities and work on assignments with diverse and complex topics, which gives me a very steep learning curve. I work on all facets of an assignment, and I especially get energy from client meetings. We also have a very fun and energetic team. There is a lot of laughter in the office, but we also work hard on complex issues to achieve the best results for our clients. For me, this combination makes the past two months very positive.


What kind of projects have you worked on recently?
I have now been involved with three clients: one in healthcare, one for an FMCG organisation and one for a company operating in the manufacturing industry. In healthcare, we guided an institution in the development of new quality frameworks to facilitate the organisation's growth. We also mapped out the IT application landscape of the institution, analysed software packages and drew up business cases for implementation. I also worked on an assignment in which we developed a new product and service offering for an FMCG organisation to diversify its revenue streams and bring them back to pre-corona levels. Finally, I am currently working on a strategy assignment in which we are developing a new future-proof business model for a company that helps the manufacturing industry to innovate, partly through smart product lifecycle management. All very interesting.


Looking to the future, what is your ambition within The Next Organisation?
As an organisation, we currently have great (international) growth ambitions. I would like to be part of this growth and develop strongly on a personal level as well. Personally, I am looking forward to taking on projects abroad and helping TNXTO grow internationally.


Finally, what tip would you like to give someone as a starting consultant?
Grab all the opportunities you can! Show initiative and make sure you can participate in workshops, client meetings and presentations as soon as possible. That way, you will develop into an independent consultant as quickly as possible and the assignments will be even more fun!


Do you want to know more about working as a consultant at The Next Organization? Then take a look at our vacancies or contact us and plan a (digital) cup of coffee with Tim.

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