Sanne Kager works at The Next Organization as a strategic consultant since September 2021. With a background in management and digital business, Sanne fits in perfectly at The Next Organization. In this interview, we asked Sanne how she experiences working at The Next Organization.

Why did you choose to work at The Next Organization?
During my studies, I came into contact with the concept of 'Business Model Innovation'. It is a creative and strategic process at the same time. I knew immediately that I had found my passion and that I wanted to make a career in this.

The Next Organization is specialized in Business Model Innovation and performs various services around it, which strengthen the business model of organisations. Next to that, The Next Organization also helps with the implementation of advice, like for instance setting up an e-commerce organisation. Coming up with an innovative concept is one thing. But the implementation, that is where the challenge lies and where organisations benefit from guidance. These are the areas I want to develop further in.

Besides the specialism, I also believe in the philosophy of The Next Organization. Although we are driven by earning models, increasing profitability for our clients is not our only motive. With The Next Organization, we also dedicate ourselves to the planet and society. We do this by actively and voluntarily contributing to different initiatives.

I am proud that I may be part of this beautiful group of people. If I would have to choose again, I would choose The Next Organization. Without a doubt.

Do you experience working at The Next Organisation?
The atmosphere is friendly and it is hard work at the same time. From day one, I have been very well received, we work on various customer projects with great drive and we constantly try to push our own limits.

One of the core values of The Next Organization is 'Collaboration with fun'. We always treat each other with respect and we think it is important to laugh at work. This is partly due to the monthly if not weekly activities that The Next Organization organizes. For example, we end the week with a nice drink and once a month we have a knowledge session and a sports session (these activities are now temporarily not possible or online due to the COVID measures). But this creates a nice atmosphere on the work floor and a close group of colleagues.

You started at The Next Organisation in the COVID era with a lot of working from home, how did you experience this?
I like the combination of working from home and in the office. We are given the freedom to do as we please. Fortunately, we have found ways to secure the 1.5 metres, so we can go to the office safely. What I do miss, of course, are the trips we can't take together now. The drinks have also been put on hold temporarily due to the measures. I hope we can pick it up again soon.

Besides working at The Next Organization, you also do a lot of activities at Amstractly, in minimalist art. How do you combine this?
My role at The Next Organization and my own company are easy to combine. It is this combination that gives me my satisfaction. I try to apply the experiences I gain at Amstractly to my work and vice versa. That way I try to get the best result from both roles.

Finally, what do you like most about working as a strategic consultant?
Helping the customer progress together. That is what I like about our profession. We challenge each other to be critical of ourselves and each other, so that we can push the boundaries. We work hard to achieve the best result for the customer. Even if the customer is satisfied, we still go the extra mile. Helping the customer innovate and at the same time making the world a little better, that is the reason why I chose this profession and why I enjoy getting up every day.

Would you like to know more about working as a consultant at The Next Organization? Or would you like to talk about this or other topics, based on this article? Please feel free to contact us for a (digital) cup of coffee with Sanne or one of her colleagues.

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