Knowledge session Inclusive Business Models at The Next Organization

The Next Organization finds it important that employees keep on learning. That is why the strategic consultancy firm organises an 'inspiration evening' once a month, during which employees share knowledge about various expertise and enter into dialogue with each other. Prior to this inspiration evening, we have a nice meal together and discuss the weekend.


During the last inspiration evening, the employees had an information session on the subject of inclusive business models. Jade, consultant at The Next Organization and an expert in the field of inclusive business models, presented this session. "An inclusive business model is a type of sustainable business model that seeks to productively engage income-restricted groups in the value chain by providing solutions to neglected problems." (Schoneveld, 2020, p. 8).


After the presentation, all colleagues went to work themselves. They were split up into groups of 2 or 3 colleagues and formed a number of strategies on how organisations with an inclusive business model can scale up.


They pitched these strategies to each other, after which the next challenge was to find out which actors, resources and activities were needed for these strategies. Because the groups started a dialogue with each other, interesting ideas came up. Thanks to the guidance of Jade and the active participation of the colleagues, a lot of knowledge was shared and it was a successful evening. These knowledge evenings ensure that the employees of The Next Organization can share knowledge with each other in an interactive way, where fun is of paramount importance.


Are you curious about the possibilities of an inclusive business model? Please contact us for more information. This is a collaboration between The Next Organization, BoP innovation centre, Nyenrode Business university, TNO and the University of Twente.


The next knowledge session will be on the subject of trends and developments.

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