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Value Proposition Research Program

An innovative research program that increases long-term business performance through continuously aligning the firm’s offering with customer’s needs. Co-creation processes enhance the customers’ value experience in every step of the Customer Journey.

New knowledge development is at the core of this research program.

The fundament of this program is supported by state-of-the-art academic research that is developed together with the University of Twente. This program involves well-known, industry leading, companies to integrate academic research with practice in order to create both theoretical and practical relevant knowledge.

Companies find it challenging adapting their offering to rapidly changing customer needs.

Business environments are increasingly turbulent. Consequently, companies are challenged to navigate properly in their business contexts and to fulfil the constantly shifting needs of customers. It seems that management of flexible value creation processes within and across organisational boundaries becomes more relevant and critical.

A new and revolutionary perspective – the Service  Logic (SL) – views marketing in a broader sense where customers and service are the central focus.

The SL puts the customer at the heart of value creation and deals with optimising the firm’s offering to fulfil changing customer needs. An SL orientation for companies shifts the focus to the importance of the customer’s ‘value-in-use’ rather than the value of products and services as such. The SL urges organisations to move towards flexible co-creation processes and stronger yet dynamic value promises. Customers are of key importance since they determine what is valuable and what not. Companies are viewed as service providers that can optimally facilitate the customer’s value creation process.



The generic outline of the VPRP below can be tailor-made for organisations.


The following figure illustrates the flow planning of the VPRP. Each group consists of three industry-leading companies that follow the three modules.




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