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With all the changes in society and technology, optimising and innovating commerce in organisations is a more interesting field than ever. The Next Organization actively works to develop knowledge, which we are keen to share.

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The Next Outlook 2019

In The Next Outlook 2019, we describe various trends that will change the behaviour of consumers and organisations significantly. Read the introduction here and submit a request to receive the full report. Read more
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Value Proposition Research Program

A ground-breaking research program that increases long-term business performance. It advocates to view customer value in a radically new and more in-depth perspective and creates insight in how organisations can positively influence the customer’s value experience in co-creation processes throughout the Customer Journey. Read more

Transparency: A Competitive Advantage?

Transparency and business are two concepts not always easily connected to each other. Over the past decades, transparency in business developed from a mechanism to overcome negative media presence to a tool to show your positive contribution to society. More recently, several companies have brought their transparency to a next level and experience promising positive effects. A quick look through the different phases of transparency in business reveals chances for every organisation to use transparency in the future. Read more
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A small how-to guide in big data

Watch any interesting key-note speech, business driven ad, and chances are that you see that big data is something that’s used, a lot. Immediately, you start wondering if you’re missing out. This article covers the must-knows of dig data and provides a guideline any company can use to start working with Big Data effectively. Read more

Marketing and Sales Game

Together with universities and business schools we are developing the field of marketing and sales. One aspect of that is the Marketing and Sales game. This introduces participants to marketing and sales theory and in particular to its practical application in a highly interactive environment. Read more
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The benchmark gives organisations the opportunity to measure themselves against the various elements of the driver model mentioned earlier. Read more
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Customer Centricity Scan

The Customer Centricity Scan helps organisations to assess their performance on customer-centricity. It shows organisational areas of improvement and the way to take them to the next level. Read more

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