Digital Customer Journey training for The Little Consultant Leiden

We have been dealing with the impact of COVID-19 for a year now. Like many, we work mainly from home and communicate digitally through TEAMS. Fortunately, our work can continue in this way and so can giving training to students. Last week, our colleagues Camille Zaaijer, Martin Schuit and Imke van der Linden gave a digital training about the Customer Journey to the consultants of The Little Consultant Leiden. The Little Consultant is a student-run non-profit strategy consulting firm. 

Why the Customer Journey?
The Customer Journey is the total sum of experiences that customers have when they come into contact with a company or brand. Mapping the Customer Journey is a simple way to make this journey transparent and to look at opportunities to improve the customer experience from that perspective. All this is done from the customer's perspective.

Customer Journey Mapping can be used in many forms and can serve different purposes, but always has the same benefit: providing insight into the context of the customer, the customer's needs, the interaction moments and the emotions of the customer. From there, the method provides insight into improvement possibilities.

Going through a Customer Journey process has three phases:

  1. Understanding customer behaviour
  2. Designing the desired customer journey
  3. Transform to desired situation

Digital Customer Journey training
In one afternoon we took the consultants of DKC Leiden through a global step-by-step plan that reflects how we, as The Next Organization, implement a Customer Journey (sub)project. We started with analysing and understanding the customer behaviour and the current customer journey. Then we looked at designing the desired customer journey. Finally, we looked at the realisation and implementation of that desired customer journey. Impact is only created when the journey is actually realised. Besides sharing theory, the consultants also worked directly on their own case during the training. In this way, they were able to apply the theory directly.

We look back on a fun, inspiring afternoon. Interested in what The Next Organization can do for you in the field of (digital) training? Then get in touch with us!

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