Concept development Hybrid Sports Master (HSM)


The Hybrid Sports Master Organization was created as a joint initiative by the International ESports Federation, The Next Organization, and Interactive M.


Strategy & technology  


The situation 

The e-sports industry is developing tremendously, and many young players have discovered the world of e-sports. Research shows - contrary to the current reputation of gaming - that gaming can stimulate the development of mental skills. However, a balance is crucial to stay healthy. It has also been proven that skills learned in online sports can be used in physical sports and vice versa to improve performance.  


This thought has led to the development of the concept of HSM and the underlying platform that is going to contribute to a changing e-sports world. With the help of this application, younger e-sports players will be encouraged to play more physical sports. Hybrid Sports Master supports young people in finding the balance between e-sports and physical sports and guides them in developing these skills. The combination of e-sports and physical sports stimulates young people to develop into a hybrid sports master.  


The solution 

The solution is Hyrbid Sports Master which enables young people to earn coins by physically playing sports and to spend these coins on e-sports games. The application has a dashboard where athletes can plan and view activities, and purchase products. In realizing its mission, the HSM organization is having national e-sports partner with physical sports federations.  


The Next Organization develops the application and takes care of hooking up new partners for the (inter)national rollout of the concept. The application is developed in-house in cooperation with strategists, marketers, economists, and IT specialists. 



  • The concept supports talent and creates a world where e-sports athletes can compete on the same level as traditional athletes  
  • Incentive for young gamers to play sports and get a healthy lifestyle 
  • Strengthening the social responsibility and reputation of the entire e-sports and gaming industry 
  • The development of a platform that connects physical sports with e-sports 


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