For an international sales organisation, effective sales are essential to achieving growth. A structured process with a sales funnel based on the Customer Journey has already increased the result in the pilot phase by 24%.

Sustainable growth in sales
The organization sets itself an ambitious goal: 10-20% growth in sales. Various initiatives have already been taken to improve sales performance, but results have been disappointing. In order to avoid launching yet another dead-end initiative, the sales team was looking for a sustainable method of continually improving sales among all of its resellers.

Permanent improvement of sales processes by optimising the Customer Journey
By basing the sales process on the Customer Journey, it becomes a structured and systematic process for both the salesperson and the customer. Guidelines for daily sales, measurement instruments, management and objectives provide the opportunity to integrate the main steps into a sales funnel. This funnel measures activity and so sheds light on performance at every step in the sales process.

In addition, the sales funnel provides insight into both individual and team results, so that sales management can coach specific components in a structured way. The guidelines and tools, tailored to every step in the Customer Journey, come together on a sales improvement portal and so support an optimum process for every sale.

Successful test with 24% growth in sales 
Charting the sales process and results give the sales organisation insights into every step of the Customer Journey. By using those insights to develop guidelines and tools and actively target measured results, a growth of 24% in sales was achieved in the four pilots. Based on the pilot results, a decision was taken to roll out the programme further.

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