Striking a balance between bringing markets together under a global flag and preserving the unique local character is a challenge. A worldwide value proposition translated to the local market in an adoption programme brings uniformity while preserving local added value.

Unifying different markets for global growth
An international service provider has grown exponentially in recent years by acquiring numerous related firms. These firms were operating as separate units within their markets worldwide without being structurally linked within the group.

The acquisitions were made in order to be able to serve large accounts globally. To this end, the organisation needs to operate with 'one voice' in order to deliver worldwide service for customers. The organisation therefore faces the challenge of unifying all the markets within the group and at the same time preserving the unique local character which customers value.

A single value proposition and local connection in a two-day workshop
A uniform value proposition with an adoption programme has united the companies behind a single message, with individual translation in a workshop for each local market. The value proposition is based on trends and developments in the market. The management of the company has developed a vision of this value proposition, which translates into a worldwide promise. The portfolio lays the foundations for delivering on the promise, and at the same time provides a record of the expertise present.

The global value proposition forms the basis of the adoption programme, in which those employees who have customer contact translate the value proposition to the local market in a two-day workshop. In addition, the programme introduces the uniform working method worldwide and develops specific tools to enable local markets to preserve their character. The programme concludes with a gap analysis and action plan in order to excel in the application of the proposition according to the worldwide working method.

Joint DNA for knowledge-sharing and global growth
By presenting a single uniform message and thanks to the shared DNA in the working method, the organization is able to reach customers high in the value chain worldwide. Worldwide familiarity and a uniform quality stamp contribute to the growth of the organization. On top of that, by creating a connection between local markets, the organization is now also sharing expertise internally so as to serve its customers even better.

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