We work with customers in various sectors, in the Netherlands and abroad. Click on one of the cases below in order to gain an impression of our consultancy pathways.

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    Developing a proposition for a globally expanding brand with a local character.

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  • Raderen sales


    Development of a structured sales process and a sales funnel based on the customer journey.

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    Developing a multichannel approach for an innovative product in a traditional market dominated by large producers.

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  • 'Working with TNXTO brought great value. The team was committed to fully understanding the intricacies of our industry.

    They were great listeners and they worked relentlessly to find solutions to our core business challenges, as well as to the individual challenges of our local markets.'

    Sylvia Andre, Group Marketing and Communications Director
    MCI Group
  • 'To me, the Next Organization stands for highly-driven business professionals. Intelligent. Innovative. Bold. Creating more possibilities. Breathing ‘growth’.

    Together and with the support of TNXTO we have made great strides in extremely complex issues such as part-time education and positioning.'

    Hans Brouwer, Head of Marketing & Communications
    HAN University of Applied Sciences
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Academic relationships

Knowledge is the driving force behind our organisation. The Next Organization collaborates internationally with several universities and business schools in the development and application of knowledge for business.

We developed the Marketing & Sales game in which participants experience the practical application of marketing and sales theory in an interactive environment.

With the Eindhoven University of Technology and the China Europe International Business School we conduct international research into the differences in the buying process in the telecom industry of people in the top and bottom of the social pyramid.

We also share our experience for the benefit of academic knowledge by giving lectures, the provision of thesis projects and facilitating the marketing and sales game as part of the academic curriculum.

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