TNXTO Knowledge Day on the themes of organisational learning, brand activation and VALEX

Even in times of Corona, our knowledge development does not stand still! That's why we organised a digital knowledge day last Friday, during which our colleagues studied three interesting topics: organisational learning, brand activation and VALEX.

Organizational learning: a continuous process
Although the digital way of working is long gone, the impact of the pandemic on every business model is leaving its mark. To meet the new normal, organisations worldwide are busy adapting to the new situation and preparing for the world with COVID-19.
In this context, the knowledge day started with a session called 'Organizational Learning'. In this continuously changing world, the ability of an organisation to continuously gather, develop, share and reflect on knowledge is essential for lasting value creation. The traditional way of learning based on formal training programmes is no longer tenable. That is why the team immersed itself in the 'continuous learning model' last Friday. With its constant character, holistic vision and individual focus, the model is able to increase organisations' agility and adaptability in order to create lasting value in a changing world.

Brand activation: a powerful part of your marketing strategy
The second topic of the knowledge day was about brand activation and the role online marketing plays in this. When a company uses brand activation, it creates events, experiences and interactions that encourage consumers to actively engage with the brand. It is an important (and fun!) part of a marketing strategy, because it is an effective way to increase brand awareness.

There are several things you can do, including: creating experiences, using digital channels, handing out samples, organising in-store events and so on. See below for a successful brand activation example of the sports drink Lucozade. With over 350 interactions with the public over two days, a video was produced that went viral: 1.6 million views on Facebook and 1.5 million views on YouTube.

Whatever you do, use the right online channels to market your brand activation concept. Would you like to know more about how to do that? Then get in touch with us!

VALEX: the truly customer-centric customer experience measurement index
The end of the afternoon was dedicated to sharing the 'VALEX Index'. This is a new customer experience measurement index that takes customer orientation measurement to the next level. VALEX focuses on the value that the customer creates through the use of products and services, or 'value-in-use'. The VALEX methodology has been developed in such a way that it gives organisations direct insight into which customer is experiencing which phase of the customer journey and for which products and services. By looking at customer experience in this way, it gives organisations more and new insights, from a truly customer-centric perspective. This offers potential to increase value for both customers and the organisation itself.

These topics will soon be included in our Learning Management System so please contact us for more information!

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