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Step by step from strategy to delivery

Our passion is helping take organisations to the next level by inspiring them with the opportunities that changing customer behaviour and technological developments have to offer. This is what our approach is based on.

The customer represents the point of departure for every project
Who are our customers, what are their (future) needs and how can we best meet them? Where necessary, we conduct studies, perform desk research and hold interviews in order to obtain the answers to these questions.


In doing so, we work not for but with the customer
Working together with the management in project teams means the customer's employees take ownership of the process and the result.

Projects have a phased structure
In virtually all cases, we start with a modest initial phase in which we analyse the background to a problem and translate it into opportunities. Customers quickly get a sense of the expected result.

We plan the rest of the process in phases with clear interim results. The advantage of this approach is that customers are not stuck with big projects, with a correspondingly large impact and investment. The completion of a phase provides an opportunity to make adjustments or changes or even call a halt if that is what seems most sensible at that time.

Strategy and implementation
We are strongly driven to improve our customers' results and we want to be judged on our success in doing so. We regularly work with pilots or experimental projects in which we directly test the strategy we have developed in practice. In doing so, our role is to actively cooperate with the customer and ensure that results are achieved.

Non-sector dependent
We work in non-sector dependent manner because we believe our added value lies in the skills we have in our own field of expertise. The experiences we gain from different sectors create a source of knowledge. 


International focus
We have a strong international focus, whether in identifying trends and developments, developing solutions or assuring international capacity. We carry out a substantial proportion of our projects abroad. 

Multidisciplinary teams to suit the request
Our team consists of a mix of marketers, economists, (technical) market specialists and ICT professionals. This combination means we are able to put together multidisciplinary teams to suit the customer and the request in terms of both knowledge and experience.

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