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The Next Organization is a results-driven, internationally-operating organisational consultancy specialising in improving the commercial performance of organisations.

We help company management innovate their marketing and sales activities from the customer perspective. This is achieved by using a well thought out strategy which combines new- and traditional sales channels and implements those within the organisation. This helps us realise 'the next organization' together.


The continuously changing market circumstances force organisations to orient themselves on the role they play for their clients. Customer behaviour, technological possibilities, trends, they all generate opportunity. From small commercial successes to fundamental changes in business models.

Only those organisations that, in a timely fashion, anticipate and design their processes to facilitate the customer journey will achieve commercial success.

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What makes us stand out?

Inspiration by innovation
Looking at opportunities and possibilities of new technologies and changing customer behaviour together, and evaluating the relevance for our clients. It is a source of inspiration that gives us the energy to successfully realise those modifications within any organisation.

Power to perform
Improving the commercial performance means realising a growth strategy, improving efficiency, raising revenue and empowering management. That's what we'll do, one way or the other. We'd love you to judge us in that regard. 

Collaboration with fun
The way we work together is of great importance to us. Our methods and ways will actively involve management. This way, our client and those involved will feel a connection to the end result. That is how the necessary support base is created.

Working at The Next Organization

Consulting and realising with fun
The work consists of advising and realising. Central to our way of working are fun and professionalism. Fun by actively participating in the field of innovation and improving commercial performance, all the while collaborating with the best professionals. Professionalism in continuously striving for the best approach and the best results. You'll work and spar in all disciplines and layers of the organisation. The work requires and gives you flexibility in location, time and form. We'll facilitate this as well as possible using technology and mutual agreement.  

Room for (an international) entrepreneurial spirit 
One of the most important things we would like to offer is an environment in which you can develop yourself and others. You'll work in a team of experts, for the top companies several fields, on projects with a high impact. Both here in The Netherlands as internationally. TNXTO is a horizontally oriented organisation and likes to empower you to assume responsibility and to show entrepreneurship. 

In a big way, your reward is dependent on both individual and team performance. The employment conditions are highly competitive. Not only in terms of salary, but also e.g. training and development. Secondary employment benefits are tailored to your specific needs. 

Passionate entrepreneurial professionals

  • You're a fanatic. Passionate about and expert in the field of commercial performance 
  • You want and are able, to help leading (international) organisations by simplifying and solving these kinds of challenges 
  • You have a predominantly curious and innovative mindset. Using this, you'll help our customers and simultaneously develop the profession. 
  • You have an entrepreneurial and 'bootstrap' spirit 
  • You harness the skills necessary for a consultant. Think of conceptual and analytical skills, customer oriented behaviour, collaborating, organisational sensitivity and an eye for detail.
  • You have an academic degree, preferably in a direction relevant to our profession.

At the moment, we have an opening for the following profiles:

Strategy consultant (0-15 years of experience)
Consultant Marketing Intelligence (2 - 8 years of experience)

If you have any additional questions about these openings, please don't hesitate to contact us through the contact page

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