A strong corporate story as a first step towards a future-proof Sherpa work and day care centre

At the end of last year, during our Charity Day, we helped Sherpa formulate an answer to two management issues which the work and day care team is facing. The managers of the work and day care team asked us to supervise their vision day in order to take the team along with the results and together take the first step towards a future-proof work and day care.

During this day, questions such as "how do we make our story strong?" and "how can we bring internal cultures even closer together to improve the lives of both our clients and our staff?" were central. We presented the results and the team of work and day care went to work on their corporate story.

Bringing each other further by getting the best out of yourself' is the mission which Sherpa has for a future-proof work and day care centre which focuses on the individual client. This mission was the starting point of the vision day for work and day care. The day was kicked off by two managers of the team who briefly looked back at the developments within work and day care in the recent period and concluded with an outline of the future. After this, we took over and - after giving feedback on the issues - we took the team along in the theory of corporate story telling; the first step in making a future-proof work and day care tangible. After a short introduction, the team actually went to work on formulating their corporate story for Sherpa work and day care.

A strong corporate story translates an organisation's mission, ambition, core values and promise into a short and concise story with which the public can identify. To make this suitable for different audiences, it is important to then identify stakeholders and their needs and translate these into specific promises. In this way, the corporate story can be made even more specific for each type of stakeholder.

In addition to formulating the corporate story, we took a first step with the team towards making the internal organisation ready for the future by outlining concrete internal activities that can be undertaken by the team to improve the quality of life for both clients and employees.

We look back on a very inspiring day and hope that this vision day has brought the team one step closer to their future-proof work and day care. We are pleased to have been able to contribute in this way.

Are you interested in what corporate storytelling could mean for your organisation, or do you want to get started right away? Then contact us, we like to think along!

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