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Value Proposition Research Program

Increases business performance through continuously aligning and optimising value propositions with customer needs

  • Helps organisations to understand customer value from a radically new and more in-depth perspective
  • Creates insight how organisations can create a dynamic value proposition that is constantly aligned with constantly changing customer needs
  • Optimises the holistic value co-creation process through introducing new co-creation practices
  • Increases organisations’ competitive position and long-term performance




Yasin Sahhar – Consultant & PhD researcher

Yasin is specialised in Strategic Marketing Management; in particular in customer value, value propositions and the strategic positioning, development and optimisation of value co-creation practices. With his critical qualitative and interpretative approach, he is involved in several consultancy projects.

Besides that, Yasin is a PhD researcher (in collaboration with the University of Twente). Within the new and revolutionary Marketing perspective; the “Service-Dominant Logic” he conducts research on how organisations can align value propositions with constantly changing customer needs and how optimal co-creation practices look like to facilitate this.


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